This is the style section! Mostly everything is exact so enjoy! 

Bikini: click here EXACT!

Shirt: Click here Exact!
Pants: black pants/jeans can get them most stores

Dress:Click here EXACT!

 Dress:Click here almost exact click the blue one
Sweatshirt:click here almost exact
Backpack:click here EXACT
Mickey Mouse shirt: Click here EXACT
Boots:Click here Mabye exact
Pants:Click here mabye exact

Shirt:Click here almost exact

Dress:Click here EXACT!

Pants: click here Maybe exact

Shoes: click here Maybe exact


Romper:Click here  EXACT!

Sweatshirt from Abercrombie and Fitch

Pants: Click here

(unavailable) but you can find it at walmart in the section of clothing by miley: called Max Azria

Tank top: click here mabye exact

Shorts: click here maybe exact

Shoes: click here mabye exact

Outfit: Click here almost exact

Boots: click here

Jacket: click here EXACT!

Dress: Click here EXACT! On sale for 19.99$

Shoes: Click here Exact!

Dress: Click here EXACT!

  Dress: Click here EXACT!

  Shoes: Click here EXACT!

Dress:Click here EXACT!                 Socks and shoes: click here 
Noah's old clothes

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